It’s time for you to know more about Instagram and its Analytics. Analytics will let you know how is your account performing, Who all are your audience, where are they located and with what do they engage the most. Knowing more about Instagram analytics will be more beneficial for your firm. So it is, the more time we spend analyzing the analytics, the stronger our marketing strategy can be!

One can improve engagement by identifying the best and worst-performing content. The toughest part of Instagram is knowing what type of content works best for our targeted audience.
Controlling powerful consumer marketing campaigns and promotions can be a little tough, so having a strong notice on what type of content will help you attain your goals.

Once you start having a good engagement rate per post, you’ll want to analyze and compare the appearance of your posts with others. Also, different posts will perform differently on Instagram.

One of the best signs to your content is your engagement rate, but on the other hand, this can also be a time consuming and tiresome method to trace and measure. For each post, one needs to catch and report the number of followers at the time of the post also the number of likes, comments and shares the post gained. You should also be able to spot trends in what content types it performs best to help you reach your aims. It may be more engagement or more follows, or even more sales.

So for all this, you can use an Instagram analytics tool to automatically calculate your engagement rate for each post to easily track the performance level. You will also receive a snapshot of your best performing post for the past three months. Which helps you make it easier to know trends in your post and engagement rate.

If one wants to boost the engagement on a high level, the key is to continuously monitor the post’s performance which includes the posts that missed the mark and got a low engagement rate.
And one is looking to grow followers, you must know what time your followers are most active on Instagram is the key to your success! By targeting the times when your audience is most active on Instagram, one can deliver when it suits them to view and engage.

Now coming to Instagram Stories, the content we post on Instagram Stories will serve the audience in some or the other way. Your stories should be something people look forward to viewing and can use as a source of motivation. And for all this, the only way to know the performance is Instagram Stories analytics.

Navigation metrics help you understand how your audience is socializing and engaging with your Instagram Stories content. Also, it helps you identify how various content functions against each other, making it more accessible to create, plan, and post your Instagram Stories. To locate your Stories analytics, go to any live Instagram story, or tap the ‘clock’ icon on the top right corner of your profile to locate your archive of Instagram Stories posts. From this stage, swipe up from the story to see your analytics. The icon will show you how many observers your post had.

And finally ending up with IGTV, a lot of brands and businesses are still in doubt about the IGTV. The key is finding content that delights your audience from start to finish. IGTV is already thriving with influencers and personalities on Instagram, as they use this platform to share more about their day-to-day lives. For more details check out our article on Instagram IGTV.

One’s content and marketing strategy can be exceedingly enhanced by tracking the analytics. So before you launch your next week’s content, give a little time analyzing and tracking your Instagram metrics and you’ll soon reach unto the desired goals!