How to make your Instagram Reel viral? or Steps to avoid in order to make your Reel viral.

Avoid using brand logos or watermarks of other applications.

We want to own the content that we share and so we like to add our brand logo to our reel or sometimes we recycle our content and hence upload the ones with a watermark or other apps logo. If you wish to get your reel featured or wish to get a good number of views then avoid making this mistake.

Don’t add too much text
Remember, the reel is to play and tingle with people’s eyesight. If you wish to share information then try using as little text as possible. Do not cover your entire screen with text.

Don’t add external Audio
We know how good music can help you set the mood and certainly gain viewer’s attention. But if you wish to make your content popular then do not use audio from outside Instagram’s music library.

Make your reel in 9:16 ratio
Don’t recycle your Instagram post content on your reel. Opt for the 9:16 ratio (Vertical) to make your reel because you certainly do not want your content to get irrationally cropped. Moreover, leave the 0.5 cm frame while adding any text to get a better look.

Don’t put a border around your reel
We certainly like to define things but keeping a border on your reel will get you nowhere in the viral race. Avoid using any to make appealing content.

Share interesting and good content
Viewers want to see what is trending but they also want clear, crisp, and interesting content. Try and create unique, interesting, appealing, and eye-catching content. Use an attention-grabbing thumbnail to nail the game.

Share your reel on your Instagram grid and story
You don’t want to miss the opportunity to showcase your reel to all your followers. So, put on a habit to share the reel on your Instagram grid and your Instagram story to get good views.

Tag other brands (whose products you have used in the video)
Tagging other brands whose products you have used in the video will encourage the brands to repost your reel. In that case, your content will catch the eye of the tagged brand’s followers which may, in turn, gain you more views and more followers (fingers crossed).

Add new reels to get featured again
The secret to winning is consistency. Add reels consistently to engage your audience. New reels will bring new engagement which may help you get an old one to catch the eye again.

Add related Hashtag
Your Instagram success depends on the content you create and the hashtags you use. Yes, they genuinely work. You can add up to 30 hashtags and try to use the maximum you can. With that being said, do not go, total Ninja on it, and only use appropriate and related hashtags.

Here you go, now we have shared the most amazing tips to make your Instagram Reel Viral. Use these tips and let us know how we helped you change the game.