React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that helps you build natively-rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android. It was founded by Facebook in 2015 when they were finding it difficult to manage two different codebases for their own mobile applications. Let us now know why React native is advantageous for developing Mobile applications.

Time Saver: In app development with React Native, more than 95% of the code is cross-platform which ensures that the app developed is compatible with both, Android and iOS. This saves a hell-lot of time because the developers will just have to develop one app and after the creation, you have two versions that are ready to go on both the popular platforms.

Performance Booster: In terms of performance, an app developed in React Native has no comparison. It performs like a native app that was built on specific iOS and Android platforms. Instead of solely relying on Central Processing Unit (CPU), React Native makes use of Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), which makes it faster than other cross-functional apps. Businesses should understand that mobile apps made on React Native are real mobile apps that further enhance performance.

Easy and Smooth Update: Initially publishing updates for an app was not easy, developers would have to go through a build process for each app separately. React Native has narrowed this process, now you can update both the apps together very easily. Whatever updates are made in the app for feature enhancement, be shared with end-users as an over-the-air (OTA) update. In easy words, one can update its app while using it without the need to go to App-store or Play-store, get it updated, and take approval from Apple or Android.

Straightforward Programming: The primary code base has the same foundation level if you are working with React Native development. Thus JavaScript-for-mobile doesn’t get overlapped with JavaScript code into a web-view. All the codes are written in JavaScript and CSS. React Native has its standard code which is another reason why mobile app development through it is straightforward.

Cost-Effective: Money becomes a major factor especially when you are starting a new business. Cross-platform app development will give them a better market penetration if they use it from the beginning. The most important thing in the modern-day business scenario is the app should develop faster and stay longer. Thus, always hire a React Native developer for developing your app development. Choosing React Native will ensure that you don’t go over budget at any point.

A small team of developers: If you choose React Native for app development you don’t require a large number of people in your team. A small team would go right when you have React Native by your side. This is because the coding is a single language and app development becomes very easy while using React Native. Also if the developers are new, then too React Native is very easy to learn and quickly penetrable.