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Company Overview

The next generation of e-business services has just arrived. We offer efficient, attractive, and best websites and Social Media Marketing creatives that reflect your brand. We being a best Social Media Marketing & Website Development company offers you precise models best suited for your business. Good Old Geek is the best Social Media Marketing Company which can help you gain a good digital impression, optimize your presence and yield better attention & great results. We are a one-stop solution for your online business, ready to offer customized services befitted for your business needs.In addition, we also top in providing the digital marketing course in surat.

Our Approach

We, at Good Old Geek, have a unique approach to tasks we undertake. Not only we develop products for you, but we understand your business needs, find an accurate solution and then create an efficient and feasible solution for you. We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies & Website Development company in Surat.  We don’t believe in simply providing the solution we believe in providing the best suitable and most feasible solution to optimize the results. Hence, one can establish that Good Old Geek has unique approach indeed.

Smart Technology

Experts at Good Old Geek are well versed with the latest platforms & technologies. Our team has hands-on experience with the best Social Media Marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked, Youtube, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics & much more. Technological advancement and economic growth are truly related to each other and hence it is vital to cope up with the technological advances in the industry.

“Technology is the golden ticket to achieving the goal of ending poverty by 2030.” – Kimberly Quitzon

The History Behind GOG

Good Old Geek is a baby venture of the technological enthusiast Tejas HS Mehta and his dear friend & better half, a visionary thinker Nilomi Tejas Mehta.

Whilst working with other Companies, the duo decide to launch the venture and start their own IT firm & a Social Media Marketing Company. After brainstorming the idea for a while and with blessings of the loved ones, the duo launched the venture on 15th July 2017 and has been operating since. Tejas being the techno guru handles all the technical operations and the web front, whilst Nilomi being the certified marketer heads the digital marketing & SEO department of the firm thereby complementing each other.

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Meet Our Team

“Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork And Intelligence Win Championships. – Michael Jordan”

Tejas HS Mehta
Tejas HS MehtaFounder
NiLoMi Tejas Mehta
NiLoMi Tejas MehtaCo-Founder

We are a couple of visionary, ingenious thinkers, and business minds with sound knowledge and hands-on experience in E-commerce, web development & marketing.

“We make things HAPPEN.”

We are so much in love with what we do, that we invest all our energy into Good Old Geek. We love introducing the main street business to the online world. With each new project, we get an adrenaline rush as we get inspired to introduce the business into the digital world.

Once started, there’s no stopping us because we are indeed very much in love with what we do.

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