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When the word ‘content writing’ is heard most of the people think about ‘writing articles’ or ‘blog posts’. However, content writing nowadays is not just limited to blog posts or articles. In fact, content writing is important for all types of different content formats, which include: Keynote speeches, Social media posts, Podcast titles, Website pages, Youtube video descriptions and many more. Good Old Geek – IT Solutions is the best content writing company and provides whatever the client needs. We try our best to satisfy our every client and give them more than their requirements.

Importance of Content Writing in formation of a website

Quality Content

Quality content must be uploaded on the website which increases the reach of your product. Good content plays a huge role in the formation of a website.


If your content is pure enough and exorbitant then definitely the audience will rely more on your product which will eventually promote your website.


The content must contain unique words which develops the Search Engine Optimization. There should not be any repetition of words in any form.

Builds Retention

Good content builds and maintain customer retention. Content writing has a major role in letting the public stay loyal to your product and brand.