Complete Your Instagram Profile: As soon as you make your new profile try and complete it. This includes writing a short Bio and adding a profile picture which will add to your authenticity. Do not expose yourself to Instagram hunt and destroy Sentinel bot.

Like and Comment decently: Now, this is really important and one of the major reasons for users getting their accounts blocked or disabled. Do not like and comment excessively on other posts because this is what is done by fake profiles to get fast followers. Bulk actions might be considered aggressive which might disable your account or in the worst-case scenario, your account might get blocked temporarily.

Post systematically: A systematic posting is required in order to prove the authenticity of your account. Do not post too much and also not too little. Spammers mostly does this. Whenever they post, they post excessively and then long time no see. Posting once or twice a week would be perfectly fine. An active display of social profiles can generally save you from getting blocked.

Do not follow and DMs en-mass: This action is considered to be a spammy and bot-like activity. You can only follow 20 accounts per hour. If you try to follow or DM more than the specified number then your account will get temporarily blocked. And, if you still continue the practice then Instagram will take strict action and block your account right away. So do not follow and DM excessively.

Follow the Instagram Guidelines: The Instagram Guidelines have many things that need to be followed. If any of that guideline is broken then you need to face strict actions. So, read the Instagram Community Guidelines and try to follow the rules written in there. Abiding by these guidelines can help you play safely at Instagram.