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Website Development & Design

Our expert website developers will help you build a creatively designed, efficient, and user-friendly website. Being the leading and the best website development company in Surat, we offer responsive and dynamic website designs to our clients.

Our Process

Our process of developing a website includes our clients interaction at every step of the procedure. We encourage feedback and make the product as per the client’s needs. Our strategic approach have made us work with some great clients and our productive team have made some good projects to glorify our portfolio.







Our Approach

The first step in the social media marketing is the discussion with client and identifying their objective. Secondly, we create appropriate content and designs which first gets approved by the client and then is posted. At the month end a report is prepared of the work done in the whole month. This process has helped us handle some big brand’s social media.


Identifying objective

Creating content

Client approval

Digital ads

Monthly report

Our Cutting Edge Toolkit

We choose the best tools to develop customized solutions befitted for specific client needs.

Elements we incorporate

We can make sleek and efficient websites with elements befitted based on clients need.

How your business can benefit from a Website?

A website is the most elegant tool to put it into auto-growth mode.

  • Easy access to information

Your clients don’t have to go through different portals to get the access to the information. Your website will do the needful.

  • Online Presence – 24/7

24*7: Whether your business is operational at certain hours or not, presence of your business will be present 24*7.

  • Expansion of Business

Given that people will be having access to your information and the presence of your business will be 24/7, the odds of exponential growth increases.

  • Growth Opportunity

As your business is already expanded to local as well as foreign markets growth opportunity eventually increases.

Types of website we create

Choose your befitted option

Benefits of having a Dynamic Website

  • Easy Updating

You can update your dynamic website whenever and however it is needed without any tantrums.

  • User Friendly

Whether someone surf through your website from any device, be it mobile phones, tablets or computer, the website would be so responsive and effective that their user experience would be best.

  • Interactive

Providing an interactive experience makes visitors more likely to stay on your site.

  • Professional Look

The professional look of your website increases the reach of your website.

  • Easily Manageable

Given that it user friendly and interactive it eventually becomes easily manageable.

Our Client Says

A website is the most elegant tool to put it into auto-growth mode.

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The Immigrant Project • USA

“We worked with Good Old Geek after trying out a few other freelancers and soon realized that their services are thoroughly professional, agile, and cost-effective. Good Old Geek – especially Tejasbhai & Richa – took on comments and feedback that our design team had and ensured they are incorporated in every step of the way. Their client-focused approach especially during the COVID crisis helped The Immigrant Project team launch our product on time. We would highly recommend anyone globally to work with them since they are a team that delivers world-class services.”

NR- best website development company


“I would say good old geek’s team were cooperative, hardworking, enthusiastic and at the same time thoroughly professional. It’s rare to see to employees working with such dedication for the firm. Not a single time have I heard no from their sides. Genuinely Amazing! Appreciate & Admire!”



“I was searching for good agency to develop a website for my global business & I came in touch with Good Old Geek via google. They provide me the best services. I would love to recommend Good Old Geek as best website development company in Surat.”

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