Digital Visiting Card

We would love to ‘Digitize’ your visiting card.

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Digital Visiting Card

A Digital Visiting Card is a revolutionary new and digitized format of an actual Business Visiting Card.
Now dont be burdened with habit of carrying the physical visiting card everywhere. Simply share your Digital Visiting Card over whatsapp without any hassle.Impress your clients and prospective clients with best our unique and tech savvy digital cards. We being the best IT company in surat provide you a custom solution to help you digitize your business.


Call on a click

You will be just a click away. They can call you by just a click.

Whatsapp on a click

No need to save your number anymore. Your clients can text you on WhatsApp just by a click.

Share freely

The link generated can be shared on various platforms unlimited times.

Navigation on a click

By just clicking on location the prospect will be directed to google maps.

Website and Social links

With digital cards customers can visit website and social media easily.

Easy to update

Update your details as and when you want to change.

How Digital Visiting Card benefits your business?

A Digital visiting card creates great opportunities to grow your business.

  • Easy Share

A digital visiting card can be easily shared on whatsapp. You don’t need to get the burden of carrying the physical visiting card everywhere.

  • Easy access

You don’t need to find visiting cards at different places. Digital visiting cards of your clients will be available on your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

  • Environment-friendly

As digital visiting card will be used more the use of paper will be reduced and eventually this card becomes environment-friendly.

  • Inexpensive

Digital visiting cards need not be printed and designed unlike paper cards. So this becomes Inexpensive.


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