In this digital era, we all are bombarded with advertisements 24/7, especially after the pandemic, when all brands have come online. Now advertisements are not limited to television or banners, but it has expanded to all electronic channels. Among billions of advertisements, we hardly pay attention to some small percentage of the advertisements. This is where graphic designing comes into existence. Digital marketing can publish the advertisement on all digital mediums, to all the 7 billion people on this earth, but your advertisement will only be considered if your ad design has the potential to attract the focus of your potential customer. Let’s go a little deep and see how graphic designing plays an integral role in digital marketing.

• Visuals speak more volume than words: –
Your ad copy may be tremendously large but still, you won’t be able to add your company’s history, mission, or vision in that particular space. With the aid of graphics and design themes, even if your message is short an individual will get a clear idea of your brand’s working style, its aim, and its products or services.

• Depicts the working as well as the philosophy of the brand: –
The main aim of graphic designing is not just to beautify or to make your brand look different than others, but also to portray several intangible things of the brand (mission, vision, core purpose) which can’t be expressed in written words.

• Builds trust: –
Relevant and astonishing visuals can build the trust of a particular brand. For instance, in today’s time majority of the people buy a product that is more attractive and attention-grabbing as they may think that it must be of superior quality as compared to a simple product that lacks luster. By investing in quality graphic designers, a brand can gain the trust of its audience which is invaluable.

• A major boon in this modern world: –
We live in an incredibly busy world, due to which we rarely focus on a particular thing. Moreover, according to some studies, the current attention span of humans is 8.25 which is 4.25 seconds less than in 2000. So how do these brands trick the minds of their potential prospects into considering their advertisements? Well, graphic designing is the answer when it comes to catching the focus. By just putting a colorful and relevant image, brands can communicate with the audience. Moreover, humans tend to remember visuals easily as compared to words. For example, even a layman can recognize the logo of world-famous brands like Apple, Netflix or BMW.

• Boost sales: –
Visuals can play a game-changing role in consumer buying behavior. As discussed above, visuals generate authenticity for the brand in the prospect’s mind. As a result, he/she may prefer one brand over the another while buying a particular product or service of a brand.

• Conclusion: –
Without attractive graphics, the potential of your advertisement may reduce drastically. It may not be considered by your target audience as effectively. In simple words, marketing can present your company’s message in front of your audience, but attractive graphics can make them consider your business.