What is Pull Marketing?

Increasing demand for products and drawing consumers to the product is all Pull Marketing does. It’s strategies revolve around getting consumers to want that particular product. The ultimate goal of it is to make a consumer seek a product and get retailers stock the product due to direct consumer demand. It is all about generating direct consumer demand.

There are several platforms available today for advertising i.e. Social Media Networks, Media Coverage, Word of mouth, Sales promotions and discounts, Advertising, Email Marketing, and many others. It comes with several advantages such as Building consumer loyalty through establishing direct contact with the consumers, Strong bargaining power with the retailers and distributors, Consumers are already seeking the product so it removes the pressure of performing Outbound Marketing.

It works effectively only when there is High Brand recognition. Pull Marketing is basically drawing consumers to a brand through search engine optimization (SEO) and other methods. It also includes strengthening consumer awareness of a brand and products and foster demand. It can be used to raise awareness about a product before it gets launched in the market. Companies in the service industry use it to generate interest in new services or to create positive feedback about the firm. It is entirely customer-focused.

Here the firm needs to study what the product’s key features are and who is the most likely to demand it through extensive market research. A firm needs the data gathered by a researcher to plan it’s advertising and appeal to the customers who are likely to buy the product. It takes place across several stages of a product’s life cycle. Pull Marketing tries to create brand loyalty and keep customers stick to the brand. Pull Marketing Traffic is more expensive and especially dependant on the competition in the branch.

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