In 2019, Instagram is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool – in fact, it now has over one billion active users, making it one of the top social media platforms. There are 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and 60% of Instagram users say they’ve heard of a product or service through the platform.

However, this popularity of the platform makes it difficult for brands to stand out unique and attract a large audience. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for you to reach a new audience instantly – Instagram’s Explore Page. Here, we’ll dive into what precisely the Explore Page is, as well as show you how six tricks can get your posts and stories featured on the page for maximum expression.

Instagram Explore Page is just how it sounds, a page that helps users search new accounts based on their prior likes and follows. One of the simplest means of going onto the Explore Page is to be conscious of not only the content you’re posting but the type of content.

Check-out these 6 tricks on, How to Get on Instagram’s Explore Page:

1. Use hashtags:
You can have up to 30 hashtags in your posts. Hashtags classify your posts and assist users to find your content – for instance, if I’m looking for pasta recipes, a quick “#pastarecipe” search will show me some of the most popular posts in that category.

2. Tag people or brands:
Tagging invites a lot more engagement, notably if you know the right people to tag. People who get tagged are inclined to share and interact with your post. Try creating partnerships with other companies or influencers — when you tag them in your posts and they tag you in theirs, you’re both mutually profiting from exposure to new audiences.

3. Use calls-to-action:
This increases the probability of user interaction. For example, you might write “tag a friend who needs this” or “comment below and tell us what you think” to incentivize your followers to engage further with your content.

You don’t always have to use emojis. Instead, you can use other tactics to assist people to interact with your content, like asking a question and assisting people to respond in the comments.

4. Don’t repost:
Only post your original content, because reposts are dismissed in the algorithm. Posting your ideas makes it more attracting as the already posted ones are seen by several users.
Think Fresh, Post Fresh!

5. Follow viral trends:
If you can find your entertaining take on something that’s trending that is also connected to your brand, adding your post to the mix will help enhance your exposure. Everyone loves a good and funny meme!

6. Focus on video content:
You can use boomerang, motion filters, animation, etc. to bring more life to your pictures, but overall you want to have a video content focus. Videos or pictures with movement are more likely to capture a user’s interest for a longer period, and as we saw, they manage to rank highly in the algorithm.

With the introduction of the Explore Page, Instagram has created a unique opportunity for you to get your brand marked more than ever. Once you understand the inside scoop on the algorithm, you can make sure you’re creating the whole content to reach your audience and gain the highest exposure.