The drive of social media has been a relatively speedy ride. It is incredible that after Friendster came 17 years ago we have evolved in the social media part very much. So let us have a look at the timeline of social media and watch it evolve.

Blast from the past!
Social media eventually evolved by the emergence of the internet. Friendster gave birth to social media which was followed by LinkedIn. These platforms ruled the media for quite a few years. Then came the turning point of social media. Facebook entered in this race and boom, the greatest ever invention which turned the social media upside down. It was just meant for the students of Harvard University but once it was opened for public it created history. Presently, 2.6 billion users are registered on Facebook. Twitter also made a major impact at almost the same time as Facebook. YouTube did to social media what television did to the radio, except there were no analog casualties.

The present is all about…
The creators of these platforms saw way back then that in future person to person engagement will increase and created such platforms which are running very successfully now. The present scenario is such that any news spreads faster in social media than the actual media.
Social media is also used as a platform for running businesses by many. YouTube is the best example of a money-making social media platform.
Social media is the biggest platform for showcasing your talent. You can make blogs, vlogs about your interests and there will be tons of viewers pertaining the same interest.

What’s in the store?
The only constant thing is change. Social media platforms have changed from time to time, and further, it will change more. The future of social media lies in video content. Video content is and will be more engaging in the near future. Whether it be short videos of til-tok or stories on Instagram or IGTV videos or long video content of YouTube. According to a study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video content. This clearly shows how important it is to start utilizing video content to stay relevant in the social media domain.

Also, social media can be your business savior in times like lock-down. Imagine if your business would have been digitized you would have not stopped earning even in the lock-down. Social media gives you a platform that helps you advertise your product.