This lockdown has taught us many things but the most important thing it taught us is that Social media is very much important even in times when we have to follow Social Distancing.

Here are some points which show the importance of social media.

1. Friends and Family: During this lockdown, Social media has come to our rescue more than ever. Social media usage has been increased as people are not moving out of their homes. Social media is the only platform where one can be in touch with their friends and family and the world around them.

2. Many platforms: Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more help kill boredom. The first thing people do after waking up is to access these sites. They have so much to explore that most of the time is passed in this.

3. Easy Access: One just needs good internet connectivity and a smartphone to access social media. It is easily accessible and so it has become more important to people nowadays.

4. Maintains good mental health: No one could ever imagine what would be the mental health of the public if there was no internet and social media. People would have gone mad by now. The anxiety attacks would reach its peak. And it is an obvious thing because people who used to work daily are locked at their homes with no work at all or very less work. What else can anyone expect?

5. Income-generating: Many businesses are kept on hold due to the lockdown, and so there income has also stopped. Social media provides a platform to create some new businesses which could generate some income amid this lockdown.

6. Showcasing your talent: Everybody has abundant time to live for themselves, get to know their inner talents. And if there is already one, then this is the best time to showcase it. Social media is giving the biggest platform to showcase your talent.