Taking Tiktok into consideration, to some it apparently looks like just a lip-syncing video app for teens however, it’s much deeper than that. If you use TikTok just right, you can add your business or product to huge viewers. In fact, according to some facts and figures, it has been said that TikTok has 500 million users globally.

Yes, of course, TikTok isn’t the best platform for all types of businesses. It took a while but TikTok has definitely added ads to their platform.

TikTok gives four varying types of ads including:

1) Infeed Native Content:

– This type of ad is related to Snapchat or Instagram story ads and carries multiple features like website clicks or app downloads.

2) Brand Takeovers:

– This allows brands to take over TikTok for the day. They can create images, GIFs and videos with embedded links to grounding pages or hashtag challenges.

3) Hashtag Challenges:

– Instead of seeking to make a hashtag challenge go viral on your own, you can use supported hashtags to get more engagement.

4) Branded Lenses:

– Branded lenses are like the Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for profiles and photos.
As with any social media platform, ads can support you to reach a ton of users on the platform. TikTok also offers accurate targeting so you can make sure your ads are leading the accurate users that would be engrossed in what you have to offer.

TikTok-specific influencers might not be huge yet, but they will be and you can go with them to widen your reach. Working with TikTok influencers can surely help you make kinship with that generation of users. To get results from TikTok influencers, just make sure the influencer’s audience meets your targetted audiences. To find the right influencer for your business, you can see for online tools that let you explore bios on TikTok, look for remarks of other brands, the most popular words used in an influencer audience and more.

Now that you know TikTok is all about fun and creativity, it’s time to build fun, creative content of your own. Generating your own content is one of the easiest and least costly methods to promote your business on TikTok. One of the most prominent benefits of TikTok is that you don’t require to build highly-polished videos. Just open the camera on your smartphone and get started.

So, now TikTok will make a few more sense to you. If your business has a younger target audience, TikTok is the perfect place to attract their concentration. Use these tips to make sure you get the most maximum out of your TikTok advertising strategy.