In 2019, we are living in a digital age. Nowadays everyone is going digital. With the increased competition in the market if your business is not digitized yet, then you are already trailing behind. Hence, it has become mandatory to digitize one’s business in order to cope up with the changing market demands and trends. But, in order to digitize one’s business, we need to be tech-savvy and need to have quite some technical skills. Isn’t it what we all think? Well, if you think so too then this article is what you must go through.
WordPress is the most recommended and widely used Website building platform which is widely used by both Small Scale and Large Scale businesses over the globe. Here’s how you can boost your Business in 2019 using WordPress.

1. User-friendly and easy to use & modify

WordPress can be installed hassle free and all you need is a domain and web-hosting to get up and running. If you wish to you can get the free WordPress hosting from ( but we normally prefer independent hosting. WordPress CMS keeps upgrading its quality and hence has out-raced other CMS like Joomla long back. If you are non-coder than you don’t need to get to the coding level at all. You can simply buy an attractive template and set up your website. WordPress totally eliminates the need to have enough coding skills and knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

2. Stable and Innovative

WordPress, similar to your phone and applications updates timely with the latest technology and trends. Your website demands change based on ever-changing market trends and demands. Here, WordPress is a proved platform to help you cope with the changing demands with it’s easy to use interface where any modification or change can be made easily. Hence, WordPress is very Flexible and adapts changes easily.

3. Attractive Design Options

You want to make a good impression on a user when he/she visits your website by giving them an eye-pleasing and engaging website. In order to create such a beautiful website, you need to spend a good amount of money on a website designer. Instead, you can opt from numerous templates available on WordPress and make a beautiful website hassle free.

4. Speed and Efficiency

It may be hard to believe but WordPress does let you develop and publish an attractive and efficient website in just a day. All you need is your content and Images to upload and you are good to go. Unlike other platforms, WordPress is an easy, super quick and an effective platform to develop a website.

5. Cost Effective and Affordable

Many of the businesses do not focus effectively on online marketing and hence they allocate a very limited budget for the same. Given the limited budget, a Business can only opt for certain services. WordPress can be a befitted option for such businesses as its a free platform with numerous functionalities. Here, you can find free templates and plugins to make desirable changes and add functions. Since you don’t need any coding experience or a professional web designer to build you a good looking website, WordPress proves to be a cost-effective and efficient platform.

6. Built-in blogs

WordPress, when launched in 2003, was initially developed and launched as a CMS (Content Management System) specially built to help bloggers publish their blogs. It was highly regarded as a Blogging Platform but with the change in market trends and enhanced demands of the user, WordPress launched other functionalities as well. Still being intact with its roots WordPress offers in-built blogs feature in each template to help user upload blogs into their websites.

7. Update your website anywhere

If you have developed your website on WordPress Platform then you don’t need to install any hardcore software or keep calling your developer to make changes required. All you need is working internet and you’re good to go.

8. Social Media Integration

When you upload new content or Blog on your WordPress website you may want to share it with the World using your Social Media Accounts. With easy social media integration on WordPress, you don’t need to sign in on your different Social Media Platforms to publish your posts. In fact, you can publish your posts on all social media platforms in a single click. Hence, with WordPress, you get an ultimate Social Media integration experience.

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9. Community Support

Things always work out well when you have a mentor or a community of experienced people helping you out. When you decide to take the matter in your hands and to develop a website on your own its only natural to face a minor hiccup or two during the process but with WordPress, you get community support and guidance to help at each stage.


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10. WordPress Websites Rank Higher

In order to rank in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result’s Page), a website needs to have high searchability. WordPress websites tend to rank higher on Search Engines because new content gets easily updated on WordPress, which is an indispensable factor for any website’s ranking. Moreover, WordPress offers and supports various plugin’s designed to optimize the website in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

11. Plugins for extended functionality

You don’t develop a new website every now and then but you do modify the existing one to meet the new demand of functionality required. Once you are done developing a website you may want to add a few other functionalities into your website. If the website is developed using WordPress then you can easily add these new functionalities using plugin’s (which are mostly freely available) without making any expense for the new development.

12. Mobile Responsive

Nowadays, most user’s search for a business, and view websites using mobile phones rather than opting for their computers. Hence, it becomes inevitable to develop mobile-friendly websites to give users a good experience on your website. A WordPress template is designed in a way to help you achieve that goal without any added effort.

13. SEO Ready Websites

WordPress enables users to publish new content every day without any hassle. Hence, with the new content published WordPress helps your website to rank higher. In order to thoroughly optimize a website in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress offers numerous plugin’s. Hence, it makes a website SEO ready.

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14. Increased Business Exposure

When you can create an efficient and good looking website with a sleek design for free, without any hassle and publish the same within a day than your expenditure cuts back and you may not have to think twice to digitize your Business. Moreover, you get SEO ready websites which rank higher in the Search Engine helps you get good business exposure.

15. Increased Return Visit

When a user visits your website which is eye-pleasing, user-friendly and efficient, then they will have good experience on your website. This will in-turn makes them want to visit your website the next time. Hence, give the power packed features of WordPress the chances of increased return visits on your website increases.

Now that you have gathered a good insight on WordPress you can now Boost your Business using WordPress. In 2019, WordPress proves to be the best website development platform. For more latest hacks and tips keep catching up with Good Old Geek Blogs.