Over the years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the use of social media by our users. Social media has grown to such an extent, that even businesses have started using it to raise brand awareness. People now are getting aware to use social media for their business growth. In the digital age, where knowledge is only a click away, the number of options consumers are given is countless. Hence, it is now more important than ever for firms to modify to new technologies and trends to sustain and thrive in the changing business environment.

1) Why use Social Media for Brand Awareness?

Whenever, someone wants to persuade their social media followers, build your subscribers or promote your product, social media platforms can be an essential tool. It is a platform that, when used suitably, can boost the presence of your brand exponentially. Your strength to promote your marketing is defined by your company’s authority. One way to build that authority is with the use of social media platforms. In fact, according to the latest study, 71% of the firms will be raising their investment on this platform to increase their brand awareness.

Additionally, are you aware that social media marketing has a higher conversion rate compared to any type of marketing? Due to this fact, around 84% of the B2B marketers are maximizing the usage of the platform.

2) Social Media campaigns can be daunting:

Social media can be daunting to the small as well as large business owners. The truth in social media is that it isn’t always easy and proper management is the only key. A recent client asked us for help with their social media platforms, after making a staffing change in their marketing department; their likes seemed frozen and their engagement was lacking.

We took a deep look into the past engagement of the page and found that only 1,200 of their 6,000+ likes were organic (likes generated by a user’s genuine interest in the product or service). In other words, the vast bulk of their likes were bought. Some groups may think that buying likes is a quick way to boost your page past your competitors or make your product/service more enticing, and they pay a fee to have thousands of random users like their page. It isn’t the end of the world to have bought likes, but more importantly, it isn’t too late to begin reversing the effects bought likes can have on your page. With proper social media management, you don’t need to buy likes as we help you generate organic likes.

3) All your social media needs and requirements will be taken care of:

We have got a team of experts that will help you plan, implement, execute and achieve all your long term and short-term objectives using various social media platforms.

You just don’t need to take care of:
→ How will you run a brand awareness campaign for my business?
→ Who are your target audiences?
→ What are their suggestions and inclinations?
→ How will you engage with your current and potential customers?
→ What platforms will be most effective for your business?

Social media agencies will research to create an execution plan that’s most fitted for your business.

4) We have got a team of specialized masters just a call away:

Social media firms will also manage all your accounts with ease. From Graphic Designers to Content Writers and Marketing Executives, social media firms are filled to the brim with industry experts and professionals. This results in innovative and targeted posts that generate desired results. This will not only increase your brand’s repute online but also your business will gain brand loyalty.

5) It is cost-effective:

Hiring a Social Media Agency will not only save your additional cents but will also give your company’s social presence a Reliable boost.

At Good Old Geek, we have a team of dedicated experts that work tirelessly to accomplish all your social media goals. Driven by passion and enthusiasm, we’re determined to expand your horizons and take your business to the next level. Specializing only in the field of social media marketing, our expertise is exceptional. Get in touch with us and conquer the world of social media in the blink of an eye.