While we look to LinkedIn for job openings, recommendations, and absolute networking, it also works as a vast platform to develop your business. Whether you desire to generate leads, strengthen brand awareness, or establish vital partnerships, it helps you connect your brand with more than 450 million specialists around the World.

Moreover, It is one of the oldest online social platforms today. Over the years it has appeared as an efficacious tool for business owners and individuals to enhance their connection, generate more leads and promote brands. Despite this, there are still numerous firms that have dropped the concept of executing a strong LinkedIn plan to promote their brand or grow their business. Besides, if you are a business to business (B2B) company and lack a LinkedIn marketing plan then you are missing out on a lot.

Digital marketing agencies such as ours offer comprehensive and excellent digital marketing solutions such as LinkedIn Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. We better know the latest trends in the digital marketing scope and try hard to help business entities approach their aims and objectives with our well-designed digital strategies. Also, we understand the importance of LinkedIn marketing for B2B companies and help our clients widen their business spectrum with our services.

Let’s see why LinkedIn marketing is essential for businesses at present.

– Importance for B2B companies:

It has now passed Facebook as the most powerful platform for B2B firms and marketers. Besides, around 21% of B2C marketers recommended that it is their most favored platform related to 41% of B2B marketers. Marketers have now prioritized LinkedIn marketing plans over Facebook. It is safe to believe that the demand of LinkedIn is steadily growing amongst B2B owners and marketers.

– It has developed as an efficient platform for Lead Generation:

Numerous researches have advised that traffic generated through LinkedIn referral had the best and the most eminent visitor-to-lead conversion rate amongst the various social networking sites. The numbers are higher than Facebook and Twitter. It will continue to generate more and more leads for businesses in the B2B domain.

LinkedIn, without any doubt is the most productive channel for professional content sharing. One of the benefits of the same is that it lets you join groups and network with key characters and influencers within your business. It helps you strategically put yourself as an essential influencer within the industry and bonding your image as a renowned personality in your field of interest.

– Improves face-to-face relationships:

Apart from assisting you to create a strong appearance online, it also plays a vital role in improving your face-to-face relationships.

– Builds Brand Visibility:

A LinkedIn profile or a well-optimized company page has a greater possibility of ranking above in a Google search. Henceforth, it improves the total online visibility of your brand.

Let’s go through ten peaks that can help you captivate your targeted audience and grow your business using LinkedIn for marketing:

1. Begin with your profile
2. Build a Company Page
3. Establish your aims
4. Optimize for search
5. Attract followers
6. Publish engaging content
7. Use strong media
8. Sponsor your posts
9. Design LinkedIn Ads
10. Get advanced through analytics

Hence, LinkedIn helps you grow your business through LinkedIn Marketing and helps create brand visibility and complete awareness.